Hello! We're Ronnie & Melanie Kubiski (and Grandson
Tyler) and we would like to tell you a little about
ourselves and what we consider to be the best
children's pageant system in America!

We became involved in pageants 36 years ago when
we entered our daughter Molly in her first pageant and
became hooked. After being involved on the
contestant's side, and seeing that there were many
things that could be improved upon, we created OUR
We are currently in our 29th year of operation. The premise is simple: Every child should have the chance to be
judged by fair, impartial and unbiased judges on their own ability, talent and beauty. We give everything that is
promised without restrictions. Our goal is to prepare every child for the Miss America pageant system.

We operate our pageant out of a small town in Southeastern Oklahoma where we have lived our whole lives. We
both work 40 hour weeks and use our vacation time and weekends to hold the pageants. Our daughter Molly and
her husband Kenny are now on staff and helping run some things for us which enables us to get into new and
different areas.

We hope we have created a family atmosphere for our contestants and truly believe we have because so many
return year after year. They know it doesn't matter if you have been with Our Diamond Miss for 10 years or are
coming for the first time. You will be treated with same welcome attention and you will know your chances of
winning are the same as everyone else's. We try to make each child feel special and that they have done a great
job no matter what!

Speaking of family, we do have other children besides Molly. We also have a son, Tim, and his wonderful wife
Tammy who we equally adore and love, not to mention our grandson Tyler who is pictured above.

As you can tell, family means a great deal to us. So do all of the children who compete in our pageants. We hope
that if you haven't experienced the quality and the values of OUR DIAMOND MISS that you will do so soon. Thank
you for visiting with us!

Ronnie and Melanie Kubiski
Home Page
Ronnie's Medical Update-

5-2-09: Dad began chemo around 2:00 a.m. in the morning.  They are doing an IV drip over a 24
hour period to help diminish any damage that could be done to his heart.  The tumor in his stomach
has caused a large amount of fluid to fill around his lungs.  This required a chest tube to be put in
place to have continuous draining, allowing him to breath better.  There were 3 more "hot spots" that
showed up on the last scan, but his doctor feels the chemo will get them all.  They think he will be in
the hospital at Mercy in OKC for at least 5 or 6 more days.  Our family appreciates all of the prayers
from everyone.  Keep thinking positive because we are!

Molly Wilson

5-10-09: One week later and he's still there.  His white blood count dropped first to around 150 (it's
supposed to be no lower than 400) and now he's at .02 today.  No flowers in the room, no one can
hug or touch him, everyone must wash their hands entering the room.  They were supposed to do
surgery tomorrow so he could go home with a portable chest tube system he could empty himself.  
That's been postponed due to the low WBC.  Still just waiting.

Molly Wilson