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Our Diamond Miss
Camera Cuties
Our Booker, TX.
brought queens
together from 4
different states:
Kirrah Powell &
Makayla Calhoun,
both from Texas,
Ashlynn Brady
from Kansas,
Emaleigh Criswell
from New Mexico
and Shylee Sagle
from Colorado.  
Love to see so
many traveling
Ashlynn Brady, Nat'l Jr. Miss Modeling,
shows off the Spirit Flag, which landed
back in Kansas this year at Nationals after
being won by Arkansas the previous year.  
Kansans are proud to fly the flag once
again at their preliminaries this year!
Our beautiful
Colorado queens
spend a day
together to  have
group pictures
taken.  Thanks
girls for
ODM so well!
It was a beautiful
day for a parade!
The annual Harrah
Day Parade in
Harrah, OK. had a
float full of ODM
queens.  Thanks to
all the parents who
put together this
amazing float!
Everyone had a
great time
performing for the
Queens, Anna
Garvin and
Alexis Bailey
pose with their
favorite mascot,
Bogie the
Bulldog, a.k.a.
Darynne Dahlem,
Supreme Model
for ODM!
Brittany Zirkle,
past Nat'l Overall
ODM, runs Tulsa's
Race for the Cure
in honor of ODM
founder, Melanie
Kubiski who was
diagnosed with
breast cancer.  
Thanks Brit for
honoring her!
State & Nat'l queens, Makenzie Chandler, Bella Brown and Emily
Tiger participate in OKC's Autism Speaks Walk.
It was a great
turn-out for the
Lovington, NM
parade.  The girls
had a great time,
even if they did
get rained on!
Hoisington, KS. saw some of our beautiful
ODM queens at their annual parade.  You
girls sure look like you had a good time!